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Franchise Accounting

You may have a dream of expanding your franchise business or of building a family legacy you can pass forward. That’s the long-term goal. Short-term, you need proactive cash flow monitoring and a clean chart of accounts. You may also need to strategize on tax planning or financing or saving for retirement. We’re here for you.

With more than 30 years of experience, beginning with a well-known food and beverage franchise, WhippleWood CPAs has expanded into services for a variety of franchise industries. We understand the goals of the franchisor and how each business model must translate into careful management and growth for franchisees. We also love the relationships with owners who want to live life on their terms and make a difference.

With our team’s guidance, you can manage your business well and also clearly understand your finances. On that foundation, you are empowered to succeed in today’s dynamic, franchise business environments while building personal wealth, too.


WhippleWood CPAs is highly recommended among multi-location franchisees within the healthcare and wellness industry, as well as the food and beverage industry. Our work with owners in the same industry reinforces our knowledge of fee structures, cash flow monitoring, tax planning and reporting, assurance and also individual wealth management. You gain this experience throughout the life cycle of your franchise.

Learn more about our work with Healthcare & Wellness and Food & Beverage businesses.