Why the Top Organizations Get to the Top

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It often seems some businesses are so much better than others, even though they sell the same products and services. Why?

Studies indicate that rather than simply being a little better than their competitors, the top firms are often three or four times more successful. Research into the reasons for success concluded that superior performance is not an accident.

There are thirteen factors which characterize the highly successful organization:

  1. Strong sense of identity felt throughout the organization.
  2. Openness to change.
  3. Authority shared broadly throughout the organization.
  4. Ideas evaluated on merit rather than origin.
  5. Strong sense of support of the employees for the organization, the organization for its employees, and the employees for each other.
  6. Flexible organizational structure.
  7. Orientation to achieve, not to procedures or ritual.
  8. Open communications throughout the organization: up, down, and across.
  9. Commonly held understanding of the organization’s objectives and values.
  10. Emphasis on a program for development of people.
  11. Meetings devoted to problem solving rather than win-lose propositions/decisions.
  12. Broad content in individual jobs.
  13. High performance standards.

On a scale of 1 to 10, rate your business on how good you are now in addressing each factor. Be realistic. Then rate where you should be, and highlight the areas with the biggest gap.

Develop strategies and actions to lift your performance in the areas with the biggest gap.

While not all these factors are practical for all organizations at any given time, they are definitely worthwhile objectives to strive for. Superiority is not an accident.

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