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Virtual CFO – Salt Lake City (UT)

Outsourced CFO – Salt Lake City (UT)

Many organizations in Salt Lake City and across Utah have accounting departments that are focused on managing routine tasks. This may include bookkeeping, AR/AP management, payroll inventory data review, and more. While important these traditional accounting functions do not provide the strategic leadership and insights that help support and guide the accounting team. Whether its assistance expanding into new markets, raising capital, or undergoing rapid growth, it may be time to hire, or in some cases replace, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) that can provide the insights, strategic direction, and experience needed.

A key concern is the difficulty in finding a qualified CFO. Not only can it be a difficult and long process, but often salary requirements exceed what many can afford. Beyond this, the onboarding process can be lengthy delaying impact. For this reason, organizations often turn to outsourcing to meet needs. A Virtual CFO can “plug-in” to your organization and quickly start offering essential insights and direction. These seasoned professionals have an immediate impact.

Virtual CFO Experience – Utah

WhippleWood CPAs offers Virtual CFO services to companies in Salt lake City and across Utah. Our team has significant experience helping companies implement systems, manage growth, and resolve capital needs. Since we work with dozens of companies, our virtual CFOs have significant experience assisting those in a variety of industries and situations. This allows us to deliver best practices based on real-world experience.

Virtual CFO Services – Salt Lake City (UT)

Below is a summary list of the virtual CFO services provided to companies and organizations, including:

  • Accounting Software Selection/Implementation
  • Accounting Staff Mentoring/Training
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Bank Finance Meeting Preparation
  • Capital Asset Acquisition Evaluations
  • Cash Flow Forecasting/Optimization
  • Contract Review
  • Financial Improvement Plans
  • Key Metric Benchmarking/Trend Analysis
  • Lease v Buy Decisions
  • Treasury Management

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WhippleWood CPAs offer Virtual CFO services to companies in Salt Lake City and across Utah remotely from our Denver offices. For additional information on and how we can assist you, complete the form below and a team member will follow up promptly.

About Salt Lake City (UT)

The business community in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem that reflects the city’s unique blend of economic opportunity, natural beauty, and a strong sense of community. Nestled between the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City has established itself as a thriving center for various industries, fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable growth.

Salt Lake City’s business community benefits from a diverse economy that spans a wide range of sectors. The city’s strategic location and transportation infrastructure have made it a hub for logistics and distribution companies, while the presence of major corporations like Delta Air Lines, Adobe, and Goldman Sachs contributes to a robust financial and technology sector.

One of the defining features of Salt Lake City’s business environment is its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This is particularly evident in the city’s clean energy sector, which includes companies involved in renewable energy, clean technology, and sustainable practices. Utah’s abundant natural resources, including solar and wind energy potential, make it an ideal location for businesses focusing on green solutions.