Faces of WhippleWood—Dongli “Doreen” Liang

Introducing our fourth issue of FACES OF WHIPPLEWOOD featuring WhippleWood CPAs employee Dongli “Doreen” Liang.

Where were you born and raised?

My name is Dongli Liang and I usually go by Doreen. My hometown is the 3rd largest city in China, called Guangzhou (sometimes known as Canton). Guangzhou plays a key role in import and export in China.

When you were growing up, what did you want to be? What activities were you involved in?

Sometimes I would meet some of my dad’s friends who were attorneys and I thought I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up.

What was a school day like in China?

During the time I went to school we started at 7:30 or even earlier with morning reading. We had classes until noon, then we had a 2.5 hour lunch break and we usually took a nap during that time. We had afternoon classes until 4:00 or 5:00, and sometimes parents would arrange extra-curricular activities after school. While I was in middle school, I started to have evening study halls with my classmates. The evening group was usually a self-study session. There were teachers in the classroom or at the office, and we could ask questions when we worked on our homework.



What were your parents’ occupations?

My dad: a judge working at a local court
My mom: a senior nurse at a large public hospital

Do you have any siblings? If so, are they still in China, if not, were you pretty much the “norm” being an only child in China?

I am the only child of the family. Yes, it is very common to be an only child in a Chinese family, due to the “one child policy” in China.

What is your fondest childhood memory?

The fondest childhood memory was when I could play with my friends. Nothing was very fancy: we went shopping together; we cooked at home and created a huge mess in the kitchen; we played games and watched movies.


What moment in your life made a big impact on your life?

When I decided to study abroad in my sophomore year of college.

Where did you go to college and what was your major?

As a person growing up in this type of cultural background, I have a great interest in international business and am very fascinated how globalization has been changing our daily lives. I went to the South China Agricultural University located in my hometown and obtained my undergraduate degree in economics, with a concentration in international trade and business. During college, I became interested in analytical assignments and working with numbers. Living abroad was one of my childhood dreams. I came to the U.S. in August 2010 and graduated from the Daniels College of Business at University of Denver in 2012, with a Master of Accountancy. Shortly thereafter, I received my Colorado CPA license in 2013.


What was your first job and your first grown up job?

Excluding internships, working at WhippleWood CPAs is my first job.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Besides work, I thoroughly enjoy traveling. During these past five years, I’ve visited a lot of the major cities in the US. There are too many places which I am still planning to go.

Name something on your bucket list.

My bucket list is to travel around all seven continents. It has been a beautiful journey in the US so far. I am grateful to what life has given to me.

What separates you from others as far as the service you provide or what your company provides?


At WhippleWood CPAs, my main responsibilities include tax return preparation, strategic tax planning and financial accounting services. It is a fun, exciting and dynamic accounting firm, which specializes in helping small businesses to grow bigger. As an accountant, I enjoy the opportunity to grow with our clients and our firm. My long-term career goal is to be an international tax expert.

One of my strengths, as a multi-cultural accountant, is that I speak English, Mandarin, and Cantonese fluently. I also understand business practices in US and China. We are living in the age of globalization, which always brings opportunities and challenges. As a part of the firm that always strives to create values for our clients, I hope that I can make my own contributions and assist our clients to embrace business opportunities around the world. I am currently working on an Advanced Professional Certificate in International Taxation.

What is something that is offered in your country that we don’t have in the US that you’d like to see offered here? And, what do we have here in the United States that you might like to see offered in your country?


I wish the United States would have night markets similar to what we have in China. It’s a place that operates at night where people stroll, enjoy cultural food, and shop. It was my favorite place to hang out with friends. I wish China could have more National parks which are open to the public (including very reasonable entry fees!)

What’s your favorite US town/city and why?

San Francisco – it is a very beautiful place and makes me feel at home. Plus, it has a lot of authentic Chinese restaurants.

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