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Sustainable Cost Reduction

Sustainable Cost Reduction

Being able to reduce costs on a long-term basis is a goal of all business leaders. Where reduction is caused through growing competitor power, economic changes, or any manner of items that impact profit, the need is to deal with the costs NOW. The urgency will result in measures that attack obvious costs—but when the urgency abates, what then?
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Making Profit in a Changing Market: The Key Attributes to a Responsive Business


Making profit is an obligation for all enterprises whether big, small, government, not for profit or private. All stockholders, owners and constituents know that a policy of status quo will not produce ongoing quality profits, and indeed may result in the firm’s rapid demise. Speed is now an integral part of successful business strategies. But speed on its own is not sufficient; it is the ability to respond rather than react, which is the goal. There are many things which support a strategy of responsiveness. This article looks at 4 key elements of culture and purpose. … Read more >>