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22 Minutes of Planning in 2022?

Hand moving clock hand down to 22 minutes.When the end of December rolls around, most people tend to take stock of the year. What has been accomplished? What were missed opportunities for growth?  While year-end planning is terrific for maximizing your tax obligations, most business and life goals have a better chance of being realized if they are articulated at the beginning of the year.

But who has the time to plan out their goals for the year?

Our planning tool, “22 Minutes for 2022 was crafted precisely to help resolve the big life planning issues for busy people. Designed to be both simple and fast to complete, the planning tool covers major goals for the year, and helps put things in perspective.

To begin, the guide asks for you to write out five items that you would be proud to complete during the year. Next, it asks why these items would be important to achieve?  By answering the all-important why question, your motivations are clarified. Just as important, the ramifications for not completing these goals will be brought to the surface. As a result, people are more likely to take action on written goals, especially when they have thought through how good it will be to achieve them.

The 5 x 5 Realization Step

Next, the planning tool asks you to quickly jot down five things you need to do to achieve each of your five goals. No elaborate dictation necessary, just five one-liners that outline steps needed to be taken during the year to achieve each goal. For example, if your goal is to buy a new electric car, step one might be “research available hybrids and electrics”. Step two might be to research rebates and financing. Step three might be finding dealers and scheduling a test drive. And so on. Simple and uncomplicated.

Brilliantly, the 5 x 5 sheet might be the page you print out and laminate for the office wall as a constant reminder. As an alternative, you may want to mark your phone’s calendar or planner app with these tasks throughout the year, just to help remind you of these established goals and tasks.

The Bucket List Items

The Bucket List is a great movie and a popular tool many people have adopted to keep a sober checklist of one’s life accomplishments and dreams, the 22 minutes in 2022 guide prompts you to take a moment to jot down a few important short and long term wishes. Yes, the bucket list items are there, but also more easily achieved items, such as a list of must read books, must listen to recordings and must watch movies or shows. There is even some space to include five values to follow.

Admittedly, one PDF planner may not change the way you live your life, but it certainly is a low-impact idea worth trying in order to establish some key, measurable goals for the year. Considering that in less time than what it takes to watch an episode of a mediocre sit-com, you can build a roadmap for your entire year. Not bad, right?   

You can download this free PDF by clicking here. There are complete instructions on how to save and use the PDF in the document.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to Mona Feeley, or contact the office at 800-553-9003.