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Welcome to the WhippleWood CPAs’ blog, where you can get to know some of the many Denver clients to whom our certified public accounts provide tax services and accounting services. It is because of them that WhippleWood CPAs was honored as the “Best CPA Firm In Denver."

A Warm Welcome to Tony Esolen!


WhippleWood CPAs is pleased to announce that Tony Esolen, CPA, has joined its Assurance Services practice as Director. An entrepreneur at heart, Tony founded his own CPA firm in 2015, which he is merging into WhippleWood CPAs.

“Tony’s background as a small business owner is invaluable,” said Rick Whipple, CEO of WhippleWood CPAs PC. “He understands the challenges entrepreneurs face, and as a CPA can also anticipate and recognize the financial impacts of business decisions—something I think our clients will appreciate. We are excited to have Tony share his insight and expertise with WhippleWood clients.” … Read more >>

PCI Compliance: Protect Customer Information

protecting consumer information

The explosion in the use of debit and credit cards is not without a downside. As more and more credit cards are provided to merchants, the potential that the cardholder information will be stolen also increases. Consumers expect their card information will be handled by merchants in a secure manner. When their card data are stolen, consumers feel vulnerable and may stop using certain cards or buying from the merchant that failed to protect their information … Read more >>

The Alternative Minimum Tax—What You Need to Know


Congress originally devised the alternative minimum tax (AMT) rules to ensure that high-income individuals who take advantage of multiple tax breaks will owe something to Uncle Sam each year. In recent years, however, that concept has eroded. Now, even upper-middle-income taxpayers are likely to owe the AMT. Here’s an overview of how the AMT works and possible ways to minimize it … Read more >>

WhippleWood CPAs Partners with Ambassadors of Compassion


WhippleWood CPAs is excited to announce a partnership with Ambassadors of Compassion (AOC), a transformational youth program in leadership and life skills. As a division of Lift Up America, the AOC program revolves around giving youth the opportunity to personally examine and “experience” life-ready principles in a small group discussion setting with other youth, led by a trained coach … Read more >>

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